Helping the Homeless in Carbon County since 2007
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* Designed for the "Weary Soldier" who has been in some very tough battles.  We welcome her in, give her encouragement and a safe, drug & alcohol free environment.

* Clients must be able to pass a drug test prior to entering and we do drug & alcohol testing quite often. (Ladies with past/present addictions are required to attend AA/NA meetings.

* Upon arrival we will ensure that they've got clothing and food and necessities.

* The first day they just need to relax and get settled and meet the other girls.

* The program requires 30 hours of job hunting per week until at least 30 hours of weekly employment is obtained.

* All clients pay $100/week rent.  (This can be paid by doing 10 hours of volunteer work if someone has not received a paycheck yet.)  If/When client graduates successfully, she can get up to $25 back for each $100 she paid in.

* Clients are required to get a job that they can walk or bike to. (Bicycles are provided)

* Women are required to attend a Christian church of their choice each week.  They are never required to believe any particular faith, just to hear for 1 hour per week about the One that is providing a roof over their head.  And of course, it is our hope and prayer that their faith grows while they are with us.

* Many of our clients come in, get settled, find employment in the first 2 weeks, continue to work hard and save up for their own place, and then move out.