Peaceful Knights
215 N 1st St (shelter)
18 Penn Drive (corporate office)
Lehighton, PA Phone: 610-340-4786 Mobile: 610-393-2536 Email Peaceful
Helping the Homeless in Carbon County since 2007


We are definitely getting busy!  If you have a heart for the Homeless in Carbon County, please consider helping in one of the following ways:


1) FUND-RAISING COMMITTEE - We're looking to have some small and larger fundraisers,

but we need your help! Please reach out to us via phone or email if willing to donate some of

your time. We pray your time will be multiplied back to you!

2) BUDDIES - these folks just take some time out of

their day to call or visit a particular client to see how

they're doing

3) INTERNET GURUS - update the website and our

facebook page, etc.

4) JOB/VOLUNTEER COMMITTEE - gather info and

ideas to assist our clients find jobs and volunteer


5) CHURCH COMMITTEE - contact churches and

schedule our speakers and give info


that cell phones, personal hygiene items, etc are on hand

for our clients

7) ADDICTIONS MENTORS - those of you who have

overcome addictions - we need your wisdom and

kindness to show others that it can be done

8) TRANSPORTATION - offering a ride to the

store or to a recovery meeting can be a very helpful thing!


- send mailings to encourage our clients

10) GRADUATE COMMITTEE - keep in contact with

our clients that have graduated and are out on their own

11) BOARD OF DIRECTORS - folks who have good

organizational skills and forward thinking and decision

making skills should consider serving on the Board of


12) QUALITY OF LIFE FOR CLIENTS - prepares for

holidays and for special events for our guys


If you believe God has called you to do any of the following volunteer oppurtunities, please give us a call!